We are...

an open, heterogeneously composed network that brings together educational experts of different backgrounds and fields of practice and individual focuses. Within this network, the topic of diversity in youth and educational work is approached from various perspectives. There are racism conscious workers, Social Justice Trainers, political educators, Anti-Bias-Trainers or empowerment workers. Further, inspiring theoretical and conceptual frameworks such as Cultural Studies, Post-Colonial Studies, Queer Studies, Gender Studies or Critical Whiteness Studies are also represented. The focus of most members is however on youth work - often in international or intercultural contexts - and also in the fields of adult education, organizational development or initiation of structural changes.

Our goals

The aim of diversity-conscious approaches is a widening, a change of perspectives: diversity-conscious pedagogy aims to raise awareness of the existence and the possibility of different perspectives, it strives to emphasise existing or potential heterogeneity and identify the opportunities within as well as questioning the unconscious and natural presupposition that everything would be exactly as I know it or perceive it myself.

A diversity-conscious pedagogy keeps in mind various differences. A recognition of different forms of life and everyday realities in every country or the heterogeneous placements of members within a national group in an international setting can help conquer the overemphasis of differences attributed to “nation” or “culture” and to counterbalance the need for sorting accordingly.

In tangible educational action, diversity-conscious approaches appear not only through the methods chosen and the program design, but underlying attitudes expressed, for example, through continuous diversity-conscious addressing by trainers via a low- threshold diversity-conscious educational intervention.

The avoidance of cultural or other categorizations does not mean, however, that differences are not taken into account. They exist, they have different backgrounds and causes, and they also induce effects in group situations - a critical perspective essentially opposes the domination of one-dimensional or supposedly culture-related explanations for differentiated and often ambiguous group situations. It aims to raise awareness regarding mechanisms and effects behind such simplistic perspectives.

Therefore, it is important to self-critically question one’s own assumptions – eventually this opens our eyes to the perception and appreciation of other realities.

In our [[position paper]], you can learn more about our notion of diversity-conscious youth & educational work.

Our consultancy and educational services aims at ...

  • Youth associations
  • Responsible persons in the youth and educational work
  • Societies and associations
  • Educational institutions
  • Schools
  • Youth centres
  • Providers of vocational educational trainings
  • Youth migration services
  • Teamers and trainers
  • Professionals and volunteers
  • Youth Offices, Administrations

The network DIVE provides consultancy and training relating to diversity-conscious youth & educational work to these target groups.

You can approach members of the network both individually through their personal profile page, as well as contact us via: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! .

The promoters of the network:

The network DIVE was founded through the support of transfer e. V., IDA e. V. (Information and Documentation Centre on Antiracism Work e. V.) and Jugend für Europa (German National Agency for the EU Youth in Action Programme) in 2012.

Since then, an on-going series of meetings and common projects took place.

Since 2016, the international branch of dive is being funded.

If you are interested in joining the network onnational or international level, feel free contact us via Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or

transfer e.V.

Werner Müller
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50739 Köln

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Fax: 0221 95 92 19-3

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IDA e.V. (Information and Documentation Centre on Antiracism Work e. V.)

Ansgar Drücker
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40221 Düsseldorf

Tel.: 0211 15 92 55-61
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